Happy new studio to me!

It was time for a freshen up and a tidy! Loving my wee den and it is almost that time of year when I’ll be popping the fire on, I won’t want to leave! Luckily my girls love it too, a place where they can get messy and normal rules don't apply!

All my new limited edition prints have been delivered to me and framed by my ever so handy husband! The studio now has an area where the prints can be displayed. I have spent a lot of time on getting these prints perfected! I am really pleased with the results. The extra time and effort spent has certainly been worth it. The colours are spot on and the paper is beautiful - these thing matter to us crazy artists! Just posted off a selection to a Canadian customer. Scotland one day, Calgary the next! I wonder where in the world they will go?

My husband Alan makes all my frames. He takes my paintings away and works his magic on them. Always love seeing them framed up and ready to find their forever homes.

emma davis